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Shadow Runner reviews

"Libraries and readers seeking vivid fantasy stories that embrace a coming-of-age theme with an environment that tests its young protagonist, and which comes with many topics ripe for book club debate and classroom discussion, will find Shadow Runner a winning acquisition."

--D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"I suspect that the only other way to concoct a great adventure novel like Shadow Runner (about a bright and curious young rich girl swept downward into a Victorian/Steampunk world of thieves and assassins) would be to lock Charles Dickens, Ursula Le Guin, and Elizabeth Moon in a room until they hashed something together upon pain of death. Since that’s not likely, it’s a good thing we have K.J. Fieler!"

--Kevin Robinson, author of the Ghostwalker File

"Darkly magical and emotionally compelling! This book hits all the right beats of an emotional adventure through a fantastic hybrid world. 10/10 would recommend!"

--Alex Hugie, author of Loophole

"An intriguing tale of darkness…But also loyalty, compassion, and hope."

--Sue Tidwell, author of Cries of the Savanna

"...think “Oliver Twist” in a sort of “Hunger Games” setting..."

--Patti Lizkay, author of Tropical Depression

"The only negative to Shadow Runner is that eventually, like all great stories, it ends.  It would be tougher to put together a better YA fantasy/thriller than this.  Like the Harry Potter series, Shadow Runner has the ability to appeal to young and old alike, although it is oriented to the younger set.  It’s a must-read."

--Murray Samuelson, MonsterLibrarian

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