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Are You Still a Good Person if You Must Do Bad Things to Survive?

Updated: Jan 17


Ada's privileged life takes an unexpected turn after she’s abducted into a hidden world of intrigue. Raised by a clandestine society, she's molded into an assassin, compelled to forsake her moral compass as she navigates a treacherous path of deception and danger. Ada must grapple with the dichotomy of her new physical identity, and her natural moral compass, all while balancing loyalty to her captor and adopted protege. Fieler weaves a fascinating narrative—one that explores the price of freedom and moral complexities. What happens to a good person when survival requires embracing darkness? A must-read!

--Cam Torrens

Ada, the daughter of an upper-class couple, is the model of an up-and-coming young lady with a good nature and a promising future…until she is kidnapped by the very “ghost” she’d tried so hard to convince herself could not possibly exist. Her bright future seems to be gone and her survival depends completely on how fast and how well she learns to fight, steal, and kill. Ada maintains character and honor in the midst of horrific misfortune…my favorite kind of hero.

--Kevin Robinson

Ada is a protagonist that I fell in like with immediately. She is precocious, resilient and even with all the brainwashing and grooming she undergoes from her captors, she remains steadfast in her convictions. The shadow people cannot take her heart. The characters in this book were wonderfully depicted. I loved some and loved to hate others. With the stakes getting higher and higher, I couldn't imagine how things were going to turn out for Ada in the end, but I was quite satisfied with the ending. A well-written, great read for fantasy lovers

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