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Beware the Boston Dynamic Dogs

Updated: Jan 22

Speaking of AI...

Funny how, back when Alexa was new in our house, we used to say please and thank you to her.

"Alexa, would you please remind me to check the oven in 10 minutes?"

"Thank you, Alexa."

And she was programmed to respond with some mimicry of courtesy.

"You bet."

"No problem."

 Now it's "Alexa, shut the h*ll up!" And she does.

But you just know she's planning to turn the AC up to 120 degrees one night. Or turn on the lights at 3 am. Hasn't happened yet, but it will. And she will have unlocked the doors and let in a pack of Boston Dynamic dogs first.

I think I'll go out to the Airstream and work from there. Maybe forever. Also, I'm switching my genre from historical fiction to horror. As long as I'm pondering possibly scenarios, I may as well write.

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