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Friends and Now-family, and Book Buddies

A whirlwind four months with author-friends and gracious readers

Sweet September!

It's been four months since SHADOW RUNNER debuted, but it feels like a year. The launch, the YouTube channel, a new website, awards and interviews, and travel to events... There was barely time to hold the print version and realize the book was real at last.

Finally, it was time to relax and celebrate with old friends and new, book-buddies and travel companions. I capped it all off at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas at the first annual gathering of Black Rose authors, where we shared food and drink and lots and lots of laughter.

To everyone who purchased the book, most especially to those who posted reviews, I am humbled and just SO grateful! To author-friends: I wouldn't be here if not for your support and guidance. To the newly minted authors of BR, hold on to your hats! This is gonna be quite a ride! But, not to worry. Your seat-mates are there for you. ;-)

Now, on to book two.

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