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S1 E15 Samuel Peralta

Meet Samuel Peralta, author, producer, artist, and publisher. His works have hit the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestsellers lists, and been shortlisted for Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy. His FUTURE CHRONICLES short story anthologies were all #1 bestsellers on Amazon, as was the collection of his own work, MEMORY'S CHILDREN. His award-winning poetry has been spotlighted by the BBC and Best American Poetry.

Physicist, entrepreneur, storyteller - Sam has designed robots and nuclear tools, built solar plants, and founded companies in optoelectronics, mobile software, and artificial intelligence.

He's a producer of independent film, including Golden Globe nominee THE FENCER and Emmy Award winner REAL ARTISTS.

He founded the LUNAR CODEX project, archiving art, books, music, and film from over 155 countries on the Moon alongside NASA's Artemis program.

And he cooks a mean lemon shrimp risotto.

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