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New Vampire Movie: "Mourning Sacrifice"

Updated: Feb 16

A vampire poses as a detective to protect the woman he loves.

Las Vegas actress, screenwriter, producer, and author, Tonya Todd, is is invested in Own Voices and fair representation in both the literary and cinematic worlds. Her new project is "Mourning Sacrifice": a contemporary detective noir short film that explores how even the most altruistic love can turn monstrous.

Originally written as a short story for a curated Silver State anthology, the rules were simple: tell a story set in Nevada that includes the theme of redemption. This was the first time in her writing career that a character took over a story and steered it in his own direction. What unfolded was more than her original conception, and at times, a surprise.

Now D’Artagnan demands his dedication to Selene be shared in a visual medium. With this film, Todd will reveal his secrets along with his growing affections and see if Selene can not only forgive his transgressions but ultimately, love a monster.

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